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Smile         Wow – what a great first impression!

Upon walking into the groovy lobby you are immediately set at ease. The vibe is hip, young and so welcoming for both kids and parents. When we were taken back for my son’s appointment the office just kept getting better. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is open and the technology is 100% Mac, which added bonus points for me. If you are looking for a new dentist or aren’t that impressed with your current child’s dentist, definitely check Groovy Molar and Dr. Singleton out! Speaking of – Dr. Singleton was great with my son, easy to talk to and overall just a very groovy guy. -Jay S.

Laughing         Dr. Singleton and his staff are fantastic. I love the office decor, as well as the way that he is with the kids. My son has some sensory issues and has had some problems with past dentists. My son is also a teeth grinder. Dr. Singleton helped me problem solve about this and is great with my son during his checkups. I highly recommend this place. I also love that the theme and name of this place fits Austin so well. I enjoy local businesses with a great sense of humor and style. -Ellen W.

Smile            I took my precious granddaughter to visit Dr. Brad 2 years ago. She was very reluctant due to an unpleasant visit with a previous dentist. We had such a great experience from the first time we stepped in his office. He explained to her what she could expect. She asked a few questions and he was able to alleviate all her fears. She can not wait for her visits with “Dr. Brad” now. I do have one concern. Who is going to see her when she turns 18? -Jan M.

Laughing           Let’s start with the fact that I work for a Dentist (a specialist, but not a Pediatric Dentist) and upon recommendation from a friend, found Groovy Molar! Thank Jeebus for friends! Pros:
-Prompt, on time… actually we made them wait… the kiddo wanted to play!
-Dr. Singleton has children of his own (which means he has tons of patience) -Peggy E.

Wink       Dr. Singleton is awesome with my kids! He is very kind and patient with my two year old. My older girls like Dr. Singleton and enjoy his office. -Melissa W.

Smile      Dr. Singleton has seen my two daughters ages 5 & 7 several times for cleanings. My 5 year old also had to get multiple cavities filled. Dr. Singleton was the first dentist able to complete a full cleaning on her & offered conscious sedation for the fillings. The experience was very smooth. He has a gentle touch with children & is great at explaining what he is doing to the children & parents.

The office is very comfortable for parents & full of fun toys/activities for the kids. The dental examination rooms get lot’s of natural light & have an open, airy feeling. I think this also makes the experience more pleasant. -Dianna C.

Cool         Great for kids – the decor is fun and Dr. Singleton and his staff are excellent with my girls. They love the funky glasses. -Denise I.

Laughing         Dr. Singleton and staff are amazing. His chair side manner was great. My seven year old is all ears and his choice of words to describe her need for three fillings and four sealants kept her at ease. Unbeknown to him, was her concern about the “c” word…and I noticed he avoided the word in his discussion. What he did emphasize was that the grooves in her six year old molars are so deep, a toothbrush can not get in there and what we are seeing is inevitable. He was also helpful when it came to explaining the teeth grinding, and future growth of her mouth, spacing of teeth. We had a great experience. -Lme L.

Smile             Pleasant experience… cool office, nice doctor, nice staff! -Jessica S.

Laughing      Jake was blown away with his first visit. Jacob didn’t know going to the dentist was so much fun! I will recommend this place to my friends and colleagues. -Celina.

Wink      Shout-out to IBM families – Groovy Molar is in network for us, great news for our children’s smiles and ours! Dr. Singleton has a way with children, puts them right at ease and the office is so much fun my kids want to go back just to play there. -Raji P.

Laughing     This place is awesome! I brought my 5-year-old daughter in for her first visit – thinking she had a cavity. Turns out, she had THREE.. and one was very bad. I wanted her first dental experience to be positive so I had researched Brad’s practice. I was particularly interested in his credentials using conscious sedation on children. Many places tell you they “work on children” or call themselves “childrens’ dentists”… but they don’t really specialize in pediatric dentistry. Brad Singleton does. He and his entire staff are, again, AWESOME! They are entirely focused on children, the office is totally cool, everything is pint-sized, and my daughter’s first dental experience was simply perfect. I can’t say enough about it… -Laura S.

Wink    I am so pleased with Groovy Molar. I have 3 children and have always used a pediatric dentist in Plugerville. My youngest child has never bonded with our previous dentist. My thought was if we are only getting cleanings/check up 2x a year, no big deal right? Wrong. My youngest had a cavity and refused to have our previous dentist work in her mouth. Realizing that it was never going to be a good fit, I started looking for a new pediatric dentist. I explained my situation to Genie when I made the appointment so they would know what they were dealing with. I am so lucky to have found Dr. Singleton. He is very personable and really connects with children. His office is small so you don’t feel like you are just a number and the best part is my daughter likes him! Yes, she is still hesitant to have her mouth looked at but I think this will get better with time. I cannot recommend Dr. Singleton enough. -Debbie P.

Smile   A big thank you to Dr. Singleton and the staff at Bailey Square for taking such great care of my son, Noah! The level of care and commitment shown today was top notch. I would recommend Dr. Singleton to any parent looking for a pediatric dentist for their child. -Cassie M.

Laughing      We had such a pleasant first consultation with Dr. Singleton and his team that resulted in today’s procedure for our daugther. Dr. Singleton puts family and patient at great ease which makes the overall experience so pleasant. -Fritz R.