“Thorough dental exams are key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums…. We recommend a board-certified, human pediatric dentist for your child!”


“Science tells us we pass our bacteria to our children. It is advised to not share utensils, place our child’s pacifier in our mouth, etc. We can only wonder what types of bacteria this child is inheriting!” (First kiss… You would hope his future dates have better oral and nasal hygiene!)


Flossing . . . so easy a monkey can do it.





“When choosing a toothpaste for your child, we recommend looking for the ADA seal of acceptance!” Unless, you like her smile!






This is true job security! Ad states, “Cola boosts your child’s personality, provides essential sugars, and helps your child fit in during that awkward pre-teen period when soda is started during the early formative period!” We suggest skipping the cola! Instead try to keep beverages to milk and water, restricting or limiting juice intake to a minimum and associated with mealtime.




 “If only they would have developed a nipple to fit the soda bottle! Who needs milk?” -Not advised!









Groovy Molar recommends using a toothbrush for teeth and a
hair brush for hair, despite convenience! It is also recommended parents assist in brushing teeth until age 6!









Aren’t we thankful for product engineers and progression!







Wow! How convenient… what ever happened to this product???





Wow, what a difference a dazzling white smile makes! Orthodontics?? Please do not attempt to whiten your child’s smile until all permanent teeth are present!





Lastly, Groovy Molar and Uncle Sam WANT YOU to BRUSH twice daily! (and FLOSS- Remember… Keep Austin Flossin’)





Disclaimer: These images and illustrations are meant strictly for the purpose of humor.-Groovy Molar, PLLC