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At each visit, we check for the following:

number of teeth


bite irregularities (the way teeth come together)

loose teeth

gum irregularities

any potentially harmful habits, such as thumb-sucking or use of a pacifier for too long

fluoride use


any trauma, and

quality of oral hygiene.



Our office utilizes the highest quality dental materials, providing protective sealants, tooth colored fillings, naturally appearing anterior restorations, and full coverage crowns when cavities have taken over the tooth.

Along with the latest technology, our tooth pictures are digital (digital radiography)


Often parents may have fears or concerns which relate to past experiences, we do not anticipate or desire these to enter your child’s mind.  This is one reason we love working with children!  We are able to present treatment in a non-intimidating way that makes it very easy and comfortable.  It is best to refrain from using the dentist or treatment as a punishment, refrain from using scary words like shot or hurt.  Children do not have pre-conceived ideas, therefore, by telling your child it will not hurt only puts in his or her mind the word, “hurt.”  Even following situations where a child may “sing (cry),” he/she will realize that wasn’t so bad!  It just takes some kiddos a bit longer to realize this!

When talking to your child, please focus on the positives… what a pretty smile he or she will have with clean teeth; and keeping the teeth strong and healthy, free of plaque germs and sugar bugs!

In the event your child needs treatment, the goal is to provide a pleasant, comfortable experience which allows us to do our best work and your child to have a positive appointment.

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, slightly sweet smelling gas that is used during treatment to allow your child to focus on breathing through his/her nose.  The air is calming and may be referred to as dreamy.  It reduces the gag reflex and redirects the anxiety associated with having so many new things going on in your mouth.  We often call it magic air or happy air.  There are no after-effects associated with nitrous oxide, once the nitrous is discontinued, the child breathes oxygen and may immediately resume normal activities.

For children who may have more anxiety or require more complex procedures, conscious sedation may be utilized.  Conscious sedation involves a combination of oral medicines allowing your child to be comfortable.  The medicine does not put your child “to sleep.”  Children are awake, breathing on their own.  Some kids will close their eyes and take a nap during the procedure, which allows things to go very well!  He or she will be able to walk back on his/her own and be able to walk following the appointment.  We do ask that children remain in your care or under the supervision of an adult following conscious sedation appointments.

Lastly, for very young kiddos, those who have extensive dental needs, or those who are unable to comfortably experience dental treatment in the office, Dr. Singleton is on staff at Bailey Square Surgery Center and Dell Children’s Hospital to provide dental care under the services of an anesthesiologist.


Cavities happen! 



(Sometimes despite our all-natural organic diet and strict brushing/flossing regimen- plaque germs enjoy organic food too!)  It is our goal to do everything we can by educating and informing you and your children of proper steps to reduce this risk, and carry this knowledge home by implementing good oral habits.  We strive to make each visit a positive one!


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Financial/ Insurance Information

We recognize that insurance can be confusing. Our financial coordinator is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance coverage and help you receive your maximum allowable benefits for your child(ren).

In an effort to assist our families with the importance of regular dental care, we are “in-network” providers for all of the major insurance plans.  To learn more, please click below.

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